In the New Testament book of John, Jesus encounters a woman at Jacob's Well. This woman existed on the fringes of her culture.  Jesus reaches out to her and invites her into his life and kingdom.  As a result, she becomes a part of a new community.  In the same way, Christ Church Wells are designed to be place - like the biblical Jacob's Well - where people who are searching can encounter God and find a place in his kingdom and community and join him in his work in the world.


The biblical pattern shown through the book of Acts is that the followers of Jesus lived life together in the world.  In the midst of them living life together, God showed Himself mighty through His body:  People heard the gospel, trusted Jesus Christ, developed as disciples, grew from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity, developed and appointed leaders, and planted churches.  This is what we are to become in trusting God through Christ Church Wells Ministry.


We will accomplish this by creating environments where the New Testament "one anothers" can be fulfilled.



FOR THE GLORY OF GOD...Reach, Nurture and Release, Devoted Disciples to IMPACT the World!
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