To help you in your persuit of JOY in Christ, we have identified some of the best online resources that can help you in your spiritual journey. They range from Bible study tools to actual teachings. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Listed below are some of the best resources on the web for Bible study and spiritual formation. However, at times the teaching and perspective on these sites may differ from the teaching and perspective of Christ Church.


Biblical Study

There are many online Bible study sites out there. Here are a few of the best ones we've seen. Each site has different features and additional resources. You may find that you gravitate toward one more than the others.

  • - One of the most popular Bible study sites.
  • - Takes to the next level with many additional resources, including Greek and Hebrew study tools.
  • - Provides the NET Bible along with hundreds of translation notes in an easy-to-use format. Also includes Greek and Hebrew study tools.
  • - Adds a community dynamic that allows you to interact with others as you study, as well as a great Bible app for your phone.
  • - combines reviews and ratings from journals, books, and users to create an aggregate ranking for Biblical commentaries. This is an excellent resource.
  • - Has articles, MP3s & resources on the Historic Christian Faith as well as books that can be purchase on almost any topic.


Educational + Historical

These sites provide mounds of historical writings from the early church and beyond to help you read the Bible in conversation with Christian Tradition. Others provide free online teaching by respected Bible scholars and teachers. The classes are taught at different levels from basic Christianity to seminary level education.

  • - A digital library of classic Christian writings with English translations
  • - Provides the creeds and confessions from throughout Christian history, including ancient creeds, denominational confessions, and more.
  •  - A digital library provided by Calvin College with hundreds of classic Christian writings reaching back to the earliest followers of Jesus' disciples
  • - This site was started with a vision to provide training to church elders and leaders around the world entirely for free.
  • - This site is provided by RBC Ministries and offers online classes at multiple levels. You can also take some of these classes and receive credit (but for a fee).



Below are some general online resources that may help you along your faith journey.

  • Desiring God, by John Piper - The overriding concern of this book is that in all of life God be glorified the way He Himself has appointed. This book aims to persuade you that the chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment - a spiritual gifts assessment to get a basic idea of where God has gifted and wants to use you to edify the Body of Christ.
  • - a resource for information, encouragement, and accountability for those struggling with pornography temptations and addictions.


Creative, and Interesting, Ways to Read the WHOLE Bible

Have you ever read the entire Bible? Ever finish in one year? It's quite an accomplishment, but it can be tough. Many have found it difficult just to get through the genealogies in Genesis or the sacrifices in Leviticus.

If you google 'Bible reading plans' you will be astonished at the myriad of creative options out there. Some websites even offer e-mails, RSS feeds, and iCal to make it convenient for busy lifestyles. You can even read through the Bible on your phone. Here are some good sites:

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