Ralph Nickens

Ralph Nickens


Ralph F. Nickens, Jr.


Grace (Wife); Carlita (Daughter); Jeremy (Son); Jasmine (Daughter); Jenell (Daugther)





Why do you love CCRM?

I love CCRM because it's a place where the WORD OF GOD is taught. Even more, it's being LIVED out in the lives of our leadership. It's a place where the Love of Christ is manifested in & through the leadership of CCRM.

Favorite Verse(s)

Proverbs 3:5-6; Isaiah 26:3-4

Favorite Food


Favorite Movie(s)

Scarface; The Godfather I

Favorite Sports Team

Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite Superhero (or Bible character) and why

Incredible Hulk: I like the Hulk because you have this ordinary man who transforms into this green massive wrecking creature. Also the Apostle Paul because he shows us that an encounter with Christ changes the path in which you were on and places you on a path that you could never imagine for yourself no matter your starting point.

What books are you reading right now?

Proverbs; Colossians

What's on your IPOD (MP3 player, CD player?

Gospel; Contemporary Christian; some R&B and old soul.

Hope for Christ Church

My hope is that CCRM is a place where people will come & be healed, delivered, and set free by the continued teaching of the saving grace of the gospel of Christ Jesus. Through the godly love we show for one another people will be compelled to want to know more about our Jesus. I will love see CCRM be the safe haven people can come and be uplifted & restored because the spirit of The Lord dwells there.


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