Ronald C. Richardson

Ronald C. Richardson


Ronald C. Richardson


Denise (Wife)




Papa, Pop

Why do you love CCRM?

The Lord used CCRM to restore my family, through Bishop & Sister Carolyn and the love of the people.

What is something people don't know about you?

Because of all of the guitars, people don't know I used to play a trumpet

Favorite Verse(s)

Psalm 1

Favorite Food

Salmon; Chicken

Favorite Movie(s)

The Incredibles; Almost anything MARVEL

Favorite Sports Team

Washington Redskins; Atlanta Braves

Favorite Superhero (or Bible character) and why?

Captain America, no ulterior motives, he believes in good & right and does it and pursues it.

Daniel, long faithfulness through seemingly impossible situations, courageous and faithful to God in spite of whoever was on the throne.

Paul, a serious rebel who after submitting was used mightily, showing that Jesus can & will use anyone, we're not disqualified.


What books are you reading right now?


What's on your IPOD (MP3 player, CD player?

Whatever we are learning for the Praise Team or the Men's Group

Hope for Christ Church

That it continues to grow and thrive and produce families that love the Lord and help others who need to get to know Him and the difference He can make in their lives and the lives of their loved ones for this time and eternity

FOR THE GLORY OF GOD...Reach, Nurture and Release, Devoted Disciples to IMPACT the World!
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